New Parent/Career/Life Transition

“My coach was incredible. She helped me unpack all of my concerns and find the root of them. She helped me understand how to frame out activities that would help me find more balance, advocate for myself, and make sure that I was not putting too much weight on the day to day but envisioning the future at the firm and where I would add long-term value. She helped me understand that as a working mom, I would likely work smarter... and I do!"

- Kelly D

Financial Services | KPMG, LLP

Transitions / Career
Upon returning from maternity leave, this attorney was disappointed to learn that a decision had been made reversing an earlier promise to her. She was looking forward to being staffed on a project that was both exciting and career-building for her. She attributed the coaching she was receiving to helping her advocate to build a case for the assignment:
"I thought about it for a few days and, after reflecting on my values and goals and applying what I had learned in my coaching sessions, I went back to the partners and asked then to reconsider staffing me on the new case. I presented arguments for why it would be beneficial for me, the firm, the client and the attorneys involved. In the end, I was staffed on the case. I believe my coaching sessions gave me the courage and power to stand up for myself and my career goals. Working on this case is one of the big reasons I returned to work and am enthusiastic about my future career growth. Prior to the coaching sessions, I would have never said anything; I would have just accepted that the opportunity was no longer going to be given to me."

- New Parent / Attorney

Life / Career Transitions

"The positive support and encouragement during the various phases of my life from Crisis & Divorce to Healing & Career Transitions have been easier to process and work through with the help of my coach Jan Fulcher. Its so nice to express myself and have someone challenge me yet care about my feelings with acceptance and not judgement.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and information with her coaching and practices. I can't thank you enough Jan for your honesty and openness, this has been a great experience and work in progress. You helped me turn stressful situations into easier to handle healthy discussions and decisions."

- Yvonne Cota

Working Parent Career
"I am very thankful that I met you in my life. Thank you for all your help guiding me through the past year and a half. I could not have done this without you.

I gave birth to my 2nd child in December of 2015 and was trying to figure out how to balance work and life after coming back to work. I chose to continue to work full-time while being the primary caregiver to my two children. I also had to juggle traveling to another state every week to meet client’s needs.  I was struggling and needed help to figure out how to make everything work.


Through the coaching sessions, you gave me tools that I can apply, not only to work, but also to life in general. I implemented a lot of tools in my work/life context and it has made tremendous impact to my work and life.  You also gave me chances to revisit open agreed-upon action items and held me accountable to take actions.

You are an extremely talented counselor and I am glad that I am one of your counselees."

- Ayako Amako

Senior Tax Manager

International Tax | KPMG, LLP

New Parent Career

"When signing up for New Parent Career Coaching, this new Dad was looking for support and advice on how to navigate the intensity of busy season with work as well as: I want to be a good Dad.


My coach did an amazing job helping my wife and I come up with strategies to protect the things that we value the most. This has helped me create a flexible work schedule for myself so that I can balance my duties at work with my duties at home."

He found that having the coaching program was helpful for him and his wife address potential issues and concerns and develop effective plans.


"It helped us to be proactive, rather than reactive."

- Working Parent / Financial Services

Working Parent Career

I used the coaching benefit to prepare for my maternity leave, manage my return to work, and transition to a Reduced Work Schedule. My coach helped me talk through some crucial conversations I needed to have around my transition and armed me with techniques to handle them in a way that produced better outcomes.

Ongoing coaching has helped me figure out what I want out of work life, and find ways to change what isn't working.  I can't overstate the benefit of some outside perspective and professional advice. I don't have to hold back when I talk to my coach-she is a great sounding board and she brings a lot of situational knowledge to our conversations, offering proven strategies for overcoming work-life challenges.   

- Working Parent / Attorney